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Karnataka police initiate e-passes



To avoid queues in the concerned deputy commissioner of police’s office and following the directions of DGP Praveen Sood, the Bengaluru police have tied up with MyGate, a security app agency, to provide e-passes to assist residents and organisations during the Covid-19 lockdown.

The e-pass system will be issued to organizations, including government, to enable their employees to move out of their homes and go to work during the lockdown.


On Sunday evening, city police commissioner Bhaskar Rao tweeted: “Happy to launch KSP CLEAR Pass App, for Covid-19 Passes for essential services & emergencies by the @dcpwhitefield. Other divisions operational from 30th March. No more Paper Passes.”

Steps for creating bulk passes

To obtain passes for your employees, your organization representative will need to sign up here at https://kspclearpass.mygate.com/signup and complete the following steps:

Step 1: Enter personal details of the organization representative.

Step 2: Enter the OTP sent to your mobile number for verification. Check your spam folder in case you don’t receive the OTP.

Step 3: Enter additional organization details. You are required to enter your organization’s PAN number here. Please select the jurisdiction police station for your organization carefully as all pass requests would be sent here

Step 4: Please provide more details about your organization. Select the type of service offered from the dropdown. Specify a reason to access the Admin Dashboard or request passes. You may upload supporting documents and then click ‘Next’ to continue.

Step 5: Your registration request is successfully created and sent to the KSP officers for approval.

Note: Due to high volumes, your approval from KSP Officers might be delayed. You will receive an email on successful approval/denial.

Step 6: Once approved, an SMS will be sent to the representative’s mobile number with the link to the Admin Dashboard. Enter your registered email to sign in or whenever you want to create extra passes.

Step 7: Enter the OTP sent to your mobile number/email for verification. Check your spam folder in case you don


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