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Karnataka Is Corona Virus-free…for Now



Medical education minister Dr K Sudhakar said there is no need to panic over the novel corona virus as not a single infected case has been detected in Karnataka till Friday evening.

He said state health department officials have taken all precautions and a lot of effort has been made to create awareness amongst people.

The minister claimed that the administration had isolated several persons for a period of 28 days, of whom 11 had completed the isolation period without any symptoms.

Around 236 people were isolated and 19 were home isolated, while on Friday around 3 were admitted to hospitals in other parts of the state, he added.

Sudhakar said: “Till today, 72,542 people have been screened. Of these, around 49,584 arriving from overseas have been screened at Bengaluru International Airport. Around 5,147 people were screened at Mangalore and the Karwar sea base, while on Friday around 22 were isolated.”


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