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Disaster relief funds for Covid fight


DCs to provide food, shelter to migrant labour


Exploring various avenues in the war against Covid-19, the Karnataka government has directed all deputy commissioners to utilise funds available under the SDRF to provide shelter, food and all other facilities to migrant labourers.

Revenue Department principal secretary N Manjunatha Prasad, who has been appointed as nodal officer to look into the problems of foreign nationals and migrant labour, has directed deputy commissioners to make immediate registrations of such migrant people who require lodging and boarding facilities.

Instructions to the DCs:


You will register each and every migrant who requires boarding and lodging. During registration you may take their details of Aadhaar, number of family members, name, destination where they intend to go. The same data may be used to ground them in the same location.


ldentification of lodging facilities is critical. ldentify places where you can lodge more people. Lodging facilities in residential hostels, PG hostels, university hostels, community halls and marriage choultries are to be identified. Basic facilities at the lodging should be beds, cots, electricity, water for drinking and bathing, and toilets. Cleanliness in the lodgings should be important. Lock and key facility, mosquito repellent/ nets to be made available.


Finalisation of menu, quantity to be given for each person, timing of breakfast, lunch and dinner to be put up on the notice board without any confusion. Food should be served hot and hygienic. Necessary utensils and cutlery may be hired. Arrangements for cooking at the premises or centralized cooking may be planned.


Special care to be taken that the premises are clean and hygienic. Sweeping and floor mopping should take place regularly, the area should be kept dry, clean drinking water may be made available and necessary protocol for maintaining quarantine centres should be followed. Similarly, basic medical facilities to be made available along with doctor and para medics in case of any requirement at the lodging place.


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