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BBMP officer clueless about his residence’s ward number!


Appointee Chief Secretary Ravi Kumar harangues fellow-IAS officer: If you don’t know your own ward number, how will ordinary citizens know theirs? 


Newly appointed Chief Secretary P Ravi Kumar had his first encounter with bureaucratic bumbling even before he takes over from TM Vijay Bhaskar on December 31.  At a review meeting on Wednesday, he was shocked to find that a fellow-IAS officer posted in BBMP did not know the ward number of the ward in which he (the BBMP official) resides.  

Just hours before the government order appointing him as Chief Secretary was issued on Wednesday, Kumar was reviewing Mission Bengaluru 2022 with BBMP officials through a virtual conference.  

When Kumar observed that the BBMP online grievance section is ‘useless’ and asks for unnecessary information, the officer in-charge (thebengalurulive is not disclosing the identity of the IAS officer) contradicted him and said all the information was required and easy to fill. 

Sample the exchange between Ravi Kumar and the BBMP officer: 

Ravi Kumar to officer: Where do you live? 

Officer: Rajajinagar 

RK: What is the ward number? 

Officer: Er…I don’t know.  

RK: If you, being Special Commissioner, BBMP, don’t know, how will normal people know? Why do you trouble them to record the ward number in every application? 


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