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Whitefielders to rescue of Pattandur Agrahara Lake


Residents seek HC directive to tardy BBMP for lake restoration; crowdfunding launched for legal fees


Civic-minded Bengalureans have on various occasions rolled up their sleeves to clear black spots and fill potholes – work that BBMP should be doing. This time, they are taking a more calibrated approach – taking the civic agency to court for failing to protect, restore and rejuvenate Pattandur Agrahara Lake.

Needless to say, good lawyers don’t come cheap, so the residents of the area have resorted to crowdfunding for the legal fees.

A Facebook post on ‘Save Pattandur Agrahara Lake’ and an e-mail sent to various platforms have made an appeal for donations to that end.

Fresh litigation

“As there is no progress by BBMP in protecting, restoring and rejuvenating the Pattandur Agrahara Lake, we have decided to launch a fresh litigation in the High Court for a court direction to BBMP. We have already had discussions with legal counsel, and we are ready to go asap,” Sandeep Anirudhan said in an e-mail to Google groups.

“The fees quoted by the legal counsel is Rs 50,000. To fund the legal fee requirement, we are conducting an informal fund-raising. This is an activity-focused fund-raiser. Complete accounts of receipts and expenditure will be shared publicly. To ensure that we can track all the donations, please follow the following procedure to contribute,” he added.


  1. Please use any of the methods listed on this page to send the funds: http://bit.ly/aikyamcrowdfunding
  2. Please include “Pattandur Lake” or “Lake” as comments / purpose in your fund transfer.
  3. Also, if possible, please send a snapshot of the transfer confirmation to nammawhitefieldresidents@gmail.com or to 7204034050

“We urge everyone to donate and make this legal intervention a success. Our entire community and future generations will be beneficiaries of this legal action. Our neighbourhood will regain a water body, improve its environment, ground water level will be restored, and there will be a natural public space for the entire family to relax and enjoy,” Sandeep Anirudhan concluded.


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