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Special trains to UP, Bihar bring relief to 3,605 migrants



Much-needed succour for stranded migrants in Karnataka came on Friday evening with three special trains ferrying 3,605 persons – two to Lucknow in UP, and one to Danapur in Bihar

South Western Railways’ chief public relations officer E Vijaya said, “Today’s first Shramik special to Lucknow departed at 16:25 hours from Chikkabanawara station with  1,200 passengers on board. The second left  Malur at 17:45 hours  carrying 1,200 adults plus seven children  to Danapur. The third departed from Malur  at  18:55 hours with 1,198 passengers on board.”

Friday’s special trains are in addition to 8 earlier trains that ferried more than 9,000 migrants to their home states.

After receiving much flak from the public for halting the movement of special migrant trains, the Karnataka government reversed its decision on Thursday and the special trains will now run till May 15. As of now, Madhya Pradesh and Bihar have agreed to receive the migrants while a nod is awaited from Jharkhand, Uttar Pradesh, West Bengal, Orissa, Rajasthan, Tripura and Manipur.

Chief Minister BS Yediyurappa told mediapersons, “We have sent around one lakh people in 3,500 buses and trains back to their home towns. I have also appealed to migrant workers to stay as construction work has resumed.”


8 Shramik trains, 9,583 passengers

May 3: From Chikkabanawara to Bhubaneswar with 1,190 passengers; from Malur to Danapur with 1,197 passengers; from Malur to Hatia with 1,200 passengers; from Malur to Danapur with 1,200 passengers.

May 4: From Chikkabanawara to Jaipur with 1,198 passengers; from Malur to Danapur with 1,199 passengers.  

May 5: From Malur to Barkakana with 1,200 passengers; from Chikkabanawara  to Lucknow with 1,199 passengers.


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