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PM praises RJs’ pro-active role


Requests them to debunk virus-linked superstitions


Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Saturday interacted with radio jockeys (RJs) via video conferencing. He appreciated the role played by them in spreading awareness about Covid-19. He said it was praiseworthy that even in the lockdown, RJs are discharging their responsibilities and recording programmes from home.

The PM said millions of Indian households follow them, and RJs have a great responsibility not just to disseminate correct information but also to debunk superstitions.

He requested the RJs to provide feedback about the difficulties and challenges faced by the people so that the government can proactively resolve them.

The PM exhorted the RJs to disseminate positive stories and case studies, particularly of those patients that have fully recovered from the coronavirus infection. He also asked them to showcase the contributions of local heroes like police officers, doctors, nurses, ward boys, etc.


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