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One district’s DC has no role in oxygen supply to another district: Mysuru DC Sindhuri


Why has Chamarajanagar DC made allegations before govt inquiry is completed: Rohini Sindhuri

Sindhuri claims 40 ’emergency request’ oxygen cylinders were sent to Chamarajanagar


Following the deaths of 23 Covi-19 patients on Sunday in Chamarajanagar allegedly due to an oxygen shortage, one is witnessing the unsavoury spectacle of the top officials of Chamarajanagar and Mysuru districts indulging in a blame game over the tragedy.

In response to the Chamarajanagar Deputy Commissioner’s allegation that the Mysuru district administration did not provide adequate oxygen supplies to Chamarajanagar district, Mysuru Deputy Commissioner Rohini Sindhuri has raised the question of why the former did not wait for the official inquiry to be completed.

‘False allegations’

A press release issued Sindhuri on Wednesday morning maintained: “The Chamarajnagar Deputy Commissioner has made allegations by releasing a press note against the Deputy Commissioner, Mysuru, in the context of oxygen supplies to Chamarajanagar. The matter is under inquiry as per orders of the state government; however the Chamarajnagar Deputy Commissioner, without waiting for the inquiry to be completed, continues to make false allegations against the Deputy Commissioner, Mysuru, in the media.”

In her ‘rebuttal’, Sindhuri said, “I categorically state that as Deputy Commissioner Mysuru, I did not ration or control oxygen supplies to Chamarajanagar or any other district.”

“The oxygen supplies to a district are entirely between the supplier/re-filler and the district. Another Deputy Commissioner has no role or authority in the same. For example, Mysuru oxygen supplies are from Ballari. If the supplier from Ballari supplies less, I cannot blame the Deputy Commissioner, Ballari,” she maintained.

‘District should manage own oxygen supplies’

In her one-page release, Sindhuri said, “It is the responsibility of the district to manage their own oxygen supplies. If any supplier does not supply or the district’s needs are not met then supervision and correction is by the state-level officers. The DC, Chamarajanagar, should have coordinated with these state-level officers and got his supplies. He failed to do that and is now blaming the DC, Mysuru.”

Sindhuri claimed that “as a matter of fact, Mysuru district, upon an emergency request from Chamarajnagar, took 40 oxygen cylinders out of its own District Hospital on the night of 1st May 2021 and sent them to Chamarajanagar.” All these facts would be proved in the inquiry ordered by the state government, she concluded.


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