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Music director Hamsalekha ‘fills in’ for tardy BBMP


Levels dangerous potholes near his home

Story Filed By Bharath AB


During the corona-forced  lockdown, BBMP has been occupied with Covid-firefighting to the exclusion of all its other civic obligations. It was not very long ago that it was hauled up both by Bengalureans and the High Court for its tardy approach to filling up the innumerable potholes which have made life hell for motorists. 

In fact, the lockdown was a golden opportunity for the civic agency to take up ‘Operation Pothole’, considering that the city’s roads have been virtually traffic-free for nearly a month.

Left with no choice, several conscientious citizens have taken it on themselves to do BBMP’s work. Notably, a  legendary 68-year-old music director got into the civic authority’s shoes to fill up a pothole– riddled portion of the road near his house. 

On Wednesday,  Sandalwood’s music maestro  Hamsalekha, alias ‘Naadha Bramha’,  who has scored music for more than  500 films,  took up the work of pothole filling in Basaveshwara Nagar. 

Before the lockdown, BWSSB had fixed a leaky water pipeline, but left the road unlevelled. Seeing the problems faced by motorists in front of his house on Shankar Mutt Road, Basaveshwara Nagar, Hamsalekha took it on himself to fix the dangerous stretch, using gravel, cement and water from his home. 

His work is a great example of civic consciousness and also a matter of shame for unconcerned civic authorities.

On a different note, recently Hamsalekha composed a song,  ‘Bye Bye Corona’,  to raise awareness on the pandemic. The song was sung by his wife and daughter, and went viral on social media.


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