Home CORONA Morning walkers bundled into police van

Morning walkers bundled into police van


Let off after lockdown lecture


Morning walkers and joggers in Shivamogga were in for a surprise on Saturday when they were told to get into a police van and taken to the indoor stadium in the city.


Recently  Shivamogga DC Shivakumar and SP Shantaraj had warned morning walkers for not maintaining  social distancing.  The morning walkers ‘nabbed’ were on the spot examined by thermal scanners, and were warned that walking is not permitted during the lockdown.

More than 300 walkers were brought to the stadium, where they were served tea and biscuits and advised to follow lockdown guidelines. 

Their details were noted by the cops and they were advised to stay at home by the DC and theSP of Shivamogga.


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