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Karnataka exempts short-term travellers from Maharashtra from carrying RT-PCR negative certificate


Health Department says short-term (2-day) visitors from Maharashtra should be asymptomatic, carry double-dose vaccination certificate, undergo thermal scanning on arrival, and observe Covid protocols


Adopting a pragmatic approach, the Karnataka government has exempted short-term travellers (2 days or less) from Maharashtra from the mandatory requirement of carrying an RT-PCR negative certificate. However, as a caveat, such travellers should carry a fully-vaccinated certificate as well as a valid return ticket.

In its order dated November 8, 2021, applicable to travellers from Maharashtra (including Mumbai), the state Health Department refers to the meeting of the State Covid-19 Technical Advisory Committee on November 6 and states, inter alia, that the data emerging from Karnataka and Maharashtra shows a vast improvement in the Covid-19 situation, (but) the daily caseload and test positivity rate are slightly higher in Maharashtra compared to Karnataka. ‚ÄúTherefore, short-term travellers (2 days or less) from Maharashtra, including Mumbai, to Karnataka by any mode of transport, i.e., road, railways, airways, should carry a Covid-19 vaccination completion certificate for both doses,” the order reads.


Furthermore, the order says all such arrivals should be asymptomatic (free from fever, cough, cold, throat pain, fever, difficulty in breathing, etc.) and give a self-declaration to the effect while boarding. They should also compulsorily undergo thermal scanning for fever on arrival, wear a face mask and follow Covid Appropriate Behaviour throughout their stay in Bengaluru and Karnataka, the order adds.

The order notes that such short-term travellers from Maharashtra who have strictly complied with the stated requirements may be exempted from the requirement of a mandatory RT-PCR negative test report.


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