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Karaga fete on with strict rules



The annual ‘karaga’ festival in Bengaluru is going ahead with all precautions in place, in the backdrop of the current lockdown. On Monday night, pre-rituals were conducted at the Dharmaraya temple in a simple way. There will be a ‘flower’ karaga at midnight on Tuesday-Wednesday, followed by the ‘karaga’ procession on Wednesday.

Only the heads of the temple’s governing body, the incumbent priest and the four veerakumaras were involved in the ‘hasikarga’ ritual, and all of them maintained social distancing.The ‘hasikaraga’ takes place two days before the ‘karaga’ festival.

The CM greenlighted the event with a rider that not more than five persons should be allowed to congregate at the 350-year-old annual festival.

The organizers have taken precautions to prevent crowding. There is a large police bandobast in the area.


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