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First 4 days’ property tax of Rs 26.39 crore exceeds BBMP expectations


New 2% transport cess comes as surprise to Bengaluru property owners

Most of the 34,000 tax payers so far have paid online

Mahadevapura zone tops with Rs 5.12 crore; 5% rebate till April 30 for whole-year payers


The ‘taxing’ work of paying property tax has begun for Bengalureans, and in the first four days of the new financial year, around 34,000 property owners have paid a cumulative amount of Rs 26.39 crore in property tax, taking advantage of the 5% rebate offered by BBMP for early payment.

What has come as an unpleasant surprise to tax payers is the additional 2% tax imposed by the civic body, in the form of transport cess which has been mandatorily imposed by the Central government.

Now, every taxpayer in the Bengaluru will end up paying 26% cess, instead of the earlier 24% cess, as part of the property tax from the current financial year.

As per information obtained by TheBengaluruLive, as of April 4 evening, BBMP has collected Rs 26.39 crore, of which 24.47 crore has been paid online. The collection in the first four days has exceeded the expectations of BBMP, which had anticipated a collection of Rs 23.41 crore. So far, 33,960 property owners have made their tax payments, of whom 1,800 have paid through challans in various empanelled banks.

As per BBMP Act

Section 144 (8) of the BBMP Act reads: “The person primarily liable to pay the property tax shall pay the tax in two equal instalments through demand draft or e-payment.

“The first being before 30th May and second by 29th November of each financial year. However, the owner or occupier or person primarily liable to pay property tax may choose to pay in one installment:

“Provided that if the owner or occupier who is liable to pay property tax files return and also pays property tax for the whole year, within one month from the date of commencement of each year, he shall be allowed a rebate of five per cent on the tax payable by him.”

In the current scenario, BBMP is collecting the following cesses: Health 15%, Beggary 3%, Library 6% and Transport 2%.

Zone-wise property tax payments

  • East: Rs 4.68 crore
  • West: Rs 2.96 crore
  • South: Rs 4.06 crore
  • Mahadevapura: Rs 5.12 crore
  • Rajarajeshwari Nagar: Rs 2.21. crore
  • Yelahanka: Rs 1.85 crore
  • Bommanahalli: Rs 4.45 crore
  • Dasarahalli: Rs 0.71 lakh


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