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Classes 7 to 9 Promoted Sans Exams


Dates for Class 10 and PUC exams after April 14



Recently, the Karnataka government had announced the postponement of annual examinations for classes 7 to 9 till March 31. But on Thursday, Primary and Secondary Education Minister Suresh Kumar made it clear that all exams for classes 7 and 8 have been cancelled. The children will be promoted without any exams.

The minister said class 9 students will be promoted to class 10 based on their summative and formative assessment evaluation at the school level. If any student fails to clear this internal process, the school will utilise the present vacation period for providing remedial intervention.

Thursday’s announcement also clarified that dates for the class 10 exams and the last English exam for 2nd PU will be finalised after April 14.

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