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‘Quarantine Watch’ App Not For Public


Only quarantined can log in; privacy is protected


The ‘Quarantine Watch’ mobile app, the Karnataka government’s ingenious approach to tracking those in home quarantine, is not for the general public but only for those who are in home quarantine.

Munish Moudgil, in-charge of the State War Room, said the mobile number of home quarantined persons are whitelisted by the government and only they can log in. Any selfie sent by home quarantined persons stays only with the government and is deleted after the quarantine period of 14 days.

Those under quarantine have to send selfies to the government every 60 minutes, except from 10 pm to 7 am, using the app. If they don’t, government teams are authorised to send defaulters to mass quarantine facilities.

The person’s privacy is protected and all data stays only with the government. The objective of the app is to ensure protection of the health of all citizens through the cooperation of those who are in home quarantine.


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