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Chaos in 2 sealed wards



Chaos ruled in Padarayanapura and Bapujinagar, the two BBMP wards that have been totally sealed to combat a likely cluster spread of the coronavirus. Several shops remained open on Saturday, and social distancing was conspicuously absent.

All roads leading in and out of Bapujinagar were sealed and a large number of policemen have been deployed.

BBMP officials held a meeting with the area MLA and corporators to discuss home delivery of essentials in the 2 wards.

Even the total sealing has not reduced the number of people on the streets. Private vehicles and autos were seen heading to other areas in the city.

Long queues for free milk were seen in Bapujinagar. While the government had assured supply of milk at the doorstep, people were angry with local corporator Ajmal Beg and Imran Pasha when they did not get milk even after standing for long in queues.


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