Home CITY UPDATES 30,000 foreign returnees to be stamped in Bengaluru

30,000 foreign returnees to be stamped in Bengaluru


Criminal action if they violate home quarantine

Quarantine dragnet tightens


On Sunday, March 22, 500 teams of the Bengaluru police and BBMP will go the houses of around 30,000 foreign-returned passengers to check IF they are obeying home quarantine.

Hand stamping will be done and quarantine notices served on them. They will also be tracked.

Any foreign-returned person violating home quarantine will be liable for criminal action under the Indian Penal Code and the Epidemic Act.

# Social distancing and breaking the chain of spread is the only knovwn solution to stop the spread
of the virus.

# Following are the salient features of Home quarantine.

# You have to stay in well ventilate single room and should maintain the distance of 1 meter from family members and others Wash hands as often thoroughly with soap and running water house.

# Restrict your movement within the house.

# Wear triple layer surgical masks at all times. The mask should be changed every 6-8 hours. It should be disposed off by first disinfecting using ordinary bleach
solution (5%) or sodium Hypochlorite solution (1%) and then by burning or deep burial.

# You should stay away from elderly people, pregnant women, infants and people with co-morbid conditions like, Diabetes, Hypertension, Asthma, person with organ transplant etc.

# Should not attend any social / religious gatherings.

# You are requested to complete your period of home quarantine. In case you develop symptoms of Cold, Cough, Fever and Breathlessness you are requested to contact toll free helpline 104 or 080-46848600 or 080-66692000.

# Failing to stay in home quarantine will result in suitable action against you under various provisions of IPC, Epidemic Disease Act etc

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