Home CITY UPDATES Will opening up make things worse?

Will opening up make things worse?


Infections could follow IT/govt staff to office

No clarity on hygiene of construction workers

Why 3-month confinement for elders?


Questions are being raised over whether some of the post-April 20 ‘opening up’ decisions taken by the state government could up the risk of Covid-19 infections all over again.

Among the decisions taken at a meeting of senior ministers on Saturday are a nod to IT/BT staff to attend office. Though the meeting stipulated that only 1/3rd of such staff could go to office, that in itself does not rule out the possibility of infections occurring. The same element of risk applies to the green signal to government staff to attend office.

Some other decisions which seem illogical/arbitrary are: allowing free movement to 2-wheelers while stipulating passes for cars; not spelling out precautionary measures for construction workers who are allowed to stay on site; and a 3-month ‘home stay’ fiat for senior citizens.

Read: Yediyurappa’s earlier decision to allow relaxation…https://thebengalurulive.com//cityupdates/commander-for-each-containment-zone/


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