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Switch Off Only Lights On Sunday


AC, refrigerator, electric equipment should be kept on


Following Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s call to switch off lights on Sunday night at 9 pm for 9 minutes, Karnataka Power Transmission Corporation Limited (KPTCL) has issued an advisory to citizens to not to switch off refrigerators, air-conditioners, coolers, fans and other electrical equipment but to switch off only lights.

Speaking to thebengalurulive, Energy department additional chief secretary Mahendra Jain said there was a video conference with the Ministry of Power at 4 pm on Saturday to discuss the call given by Prime Minister.

“We were informed that the call of the PM is only for switching off domestic lights. All other establishments/installations may continue to operate as usual. Appliances other than domestic lights can be kept switched on. Street lights should be kept switched on everywhere in urban as well as rural areas,” he said.

However, needless to say, lighting and other applications in hospitals, municipal services, police offices, essential services, and even in commercial establishments should not, and need not, be switched off.

“All protocols for grid safety to tackle the likely reduction in demand and surge in voltage are in place and there is no need for any apprehension or panic. There is sufficient flexible generation (hydel, gas, pump storage, etc) available in the state and central grid to handle any contingencies,” Jain said.

He also warned that under no circumstances should any feeders at Apartments/Housing Societies/RWAs/any other level be switched off in over-enthusiasm.

listen to Energy department’s additional chief secretary Mahendra Jain…


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