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QR code for train tickets in a jiffy



In line with the Prime Minister’s ‘Digital India’ initiative, South Western Railways have introduced QR code ticketing for 60 railway stations across the zone where passengers can purchase unreserved tickets for various trains of Indian Railways. This is in addition to 13 stations in the Bengaluru area, for which the system was introduced in 2018.

With the availability of QR code, passengers can purchase paperless tickets online without having to stand in a queue, thus saving time and energy. The UTS app is becoming popular with more and more passengers day by day. The facility is convenient for passengers who book tickets at the last minute. The app is one of the major digital initiatives of SWR in the digitalization of railway services for the convenience of passengers.


Passengers can download the UTS app on their mobile phones and complete the registration and login process. After creating an account, the passenger can book a ticket by specifying the source and destination. The application will generate a QR code of the booked ticket which can be used at the railway station to scan the ticket. The new system will speed up the process of buying tickets and minimize the transaction time.

The process is very simple:

Step 1: Open UTS app from Indian Railways, which can be used for booking unreserved train tickets.

Step 2: Under the ‘Book Ticket’ menu, there will be an option of QR booking.

Step 3: Now visit the railway station where QR code is provided and scan the QR code via the UTS app.

Step 4: Select the destination and other fields.

Step 5: make the payment and the ticket is generated instantly.


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