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Is CM hinting at longer lockdown?


Ending it depends on public discipline: BSY


Chief Minister B.S. Yediyurappa has appealed to people to strictly maintain the lockdown in the state, because ending of the 21-day lockdown imposed across the country depends on “how strictly we follow it”.

In a press release on Monday, he appealed to people to help the government prevent the spread of the coronavirus by strictly adhering to the nationwide lockdown

The statement reads:

“The people of Karnataka are known for tolerance and patience. They are law-abiding citizens. Now the coronavirus lockdown is a testing time for them. It has come to test the patience of our people, especially the people of Karnataka.

“Prime Minister Narendra Modi has himself apologized and said the ?lockdown was an inevitable step taken by the government to protect people from the pandemic.’ We have to realize the predicament of a prime minister who always cares for the well-being of the country and its people.

“When the developed countries’ performance on this front is miserable, our Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s precautionary measures are yielding results, making the country feel proud of him and his visionary action. We have not only to feel proud of him and his work, our respect for him lies in our abiding by his diktat.

“At this hour of crisis, it is not good on our part to come out of houses and violate the curfew. Ending of the lockdown depends on the strictness with which one follows the curfew and maintains social distance. If one follows the curfew strictly, the lockdown period will automatically end on April 14. Whether to end the lockdown or not is in your hands.”


“It has come to our notice that people in some urban centres are brazenly violating curfew rules, forcing the police to act. The police are also human beings like us; don’t test their patience. Already our police are under stress as they are working without any rest. Don’t force them to use force and later blame them for stern action.

“The government has taken all measures to maintain the supply of essentials and provide food to the needy. My sincere appeal at this juncture to people is to abide by the government’s decision by staying back in your houses. Even don’t allow your children to venture out of houses for one or the other reason.

“Consider this situation as a blessing in disguise and spend your valuable time by reading books, which in turn will boost your knowledge and intellectual capacity. My earnest request to even the poor is spend your time by involving yourselves in creative activities inside your houses.

“At the same time , it is time for us to respect the sacrificing work of the doctors, nurses, health staff and civic workers who are working round-the-clock to save the lives of hundreds of people afflicted by the coronavirus.

“My appeal to you all is to strictly follow the curfew rules and maintain social distance to checkmate the Covid-9 disease.”


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