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‘Treat Public With Civility, Address Their Woes’


Police chief’s 15-point advisory to subordinates


Bengaluru City Police Commissioner Bhaskar Rao has issued 15 instructions to his force on discharging their duties during the lockdown period, including treating citizens with civility and releasing seized vehicles.


The police commissioner’s message was sent on the wireless and explained each point clearly. He also urged them to look after their health.

His instructions:

1. Milk, newspaper, vegetable Supply and ATM cash-filling vehicles should not be stopped from doing their duty.

2. Maintenance of social distance while buying vegetables and fruit at grocery stores should be done in a circular manner with and white paint should be used.

3. Establish Public Relations branches at all stations and deploy senior ASI level officers, take responsibility and address the problems of the people. If the problem is not addressed at the lower rung, it should be brought to the notice of the ACP/DCP and resolved. Do not be rude when people come with problems.

4. Traffic and law enforcement police at all stations should close roads.

5. In Bengaluru today, 2,008 vehicles were confiscated. Release them with a warning. Do not allow vehicles on the road from tomorrow until the lockdown expires. Please be aware that we will file a case under the NDMA Act.

6. Passes issued by the police department for emergency services are being misused. Senior officials such as DCPs and ACPs should take note of this. Passes should not be issued for unnecessary reasons. Passes should only be provided to suppliers of groceries, food and vegetables from rural areas. Issued passes must be checked periodically.

7. Traffic and law and order police, where possible, should video record violations.

8. ‘No lathi bandobast’ has received a good response. I will continue to do that for now and re-examine the ‘No lathi bandobast’ and if necessary, give appropriate directions. Videos must be taken of vehicle seizures.

9. For those staying at PGs, there should be no extra charges and food should be arranged. House owners should be careful not to harass tenants.

10. Already, the traffic police are working in three shifts. Similarly, the law and order police must work in three shifts. Provide necessary facilities during work hours.

11. Hoysala vehicles must act as ambulances to hospitals in case of an emergency, including dialysis, chemotherapy, heart attack, etc.

12. In the early hours there should not be any morning walkers. If found, they should be advised to stay at home.

13. People from other states should come to the police station if there is a problem. If it is not possible at the station level, it should be brought to the notice of DCPs and if not resolved to the notice of the Commissioner of Police.

14. When people come to donate. It must be politely accepted. Do not allow unnecessary photo sessions for publicity.

15. Cleaning of CAR and KSRP quarters should be done by contacting BBMP officials.

Listen to additional five instructions issued by Bhaskar Rao…


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