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Eight Kannada movies Releasing This Week



Every Friday, Sandalwood industry is creating record when it comes to film releases and adding to this is poor collections. Eight movies all set to be released while already eight are on screens, giving lesser spaces to the new ones.

The movies releasing this week are Mayabazar, Bicchugathhi, Ane Balla, Jaggi Jaganath, Asura Samhara, Shiva, Maya Kanadi and Raaga Shrunga. Already existing kannada movies are Popcorn Monkey Toger, Shivaji Surathkal,Dia, Love Mocktail, Kanadanthe Mayavadhanu, 3rd Class, Sagutha Doora Dooea and Alidhu Ulidhavaru.


Kannada movie industry has witnessed many good movies released this year and despite getting good appreciation and reviews from critics, movies have failed to get a jam pack support from the viewers.

Few movies like Love Mocktail, Dia and Gentlemen had good housefull shows during weekends while the situation remains the same ‘vacant’ during the weekdays.

Director Suri’s latest released Popcorn Monkey Tiger movie starring Dhananjaya had houseful shows for 3 days but the footall is very poor since Monday in all the single screens and in multiplexes.

One of the critic said that it is hours need for kannada movie industry to come on a mutual consent on numerous releases in any particular week.

February alone has witnessed more than 30 movies released in sandalwood. Moreover situation becomes tough for few movies when other regional movies are released.


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