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Covid-19: WhatsApp Bescom for bed allotment


Callers should send details in prescribed format to WhatsApp No. +919480812450


After groaning under the strain of Covid queries directed to BBMP via its 1912 toll-free control room facility, power company Bescom has set up an exclusive WhatsApp number, +919480812450, to facilitate bed allotments for Bengalureans.

Speaking to TheBengaluruLive, Bescom MD Rajesh Gowda said a template has been created and anyone who needs a bed needs to send details in the prescribed format to the new WhatsApp number. Once a bed is allotted, the person will receive a call from control room number 1912. The WhatsApp facility can be used by callers who find the 1912 number busy.

Specimen format for hospital bed

Date : 21-April-2021

  1. Patient name : Zahara Jabeen
  2. Age : 50
  3. Area/Location : Jayanagar
  4. Symptoms : Breathlessness, cough, fever
  5. SPO2 level: 60
  6. Is patient on oxygen cylinder?: Yes
  7. Searching hospital bed since?: 18-April-2021
  8. List of hospitals visited: Health India Hospital
  9. Covid test done?: Yes
  10. Covid result (+ve/-ve/awaiting): Positive
  11. Prefer govt/pvt/any hospital?: Pvt super speciality hospital
  12. Attender mobile No: 910xxx4157 , 95351xxx43
  13. Relation to the patient: Son
  14. SRF ID: 295251xxx8303
  15. B U number:48xx51
    Pls help, it is most urgent!

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