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COVID-19 affect sales of Travel and Tourism in Feb



Tourism, transport, hotel industry, tourist destinations hit by sales drop in February.
Internationally traders fearing corona virus spread across more than fifty countries around the world are sure to make a significant impact by reducing travel to South Asian countries.

Karnataka State Travel Operator Association, President, Radhakrishna Holla express his views on how the Corona virus has affected on their buisness.


Radhakrishna says, “The travel industry is in a state of fear about Corona Virus impact that there is a large scale of economic breakdown. It is such that will have more impact on travel industry buisness. More than the time demonetisation and GST was introduced, the industry is worried and afraid of corona virus effect.”

“While China is dependent on their manufacturing industries, ie machinery, industrial spare parts, electrical equipment, appliances, medical. In addition our country India has made up strong ties with China, Middle Eastern countries, Malaysia, Singapore, Japan in importing buisness,” said Holla.

He added, Now due to the spread of Corona virus, the industry will take a toll on its buisness. Especially all the sign of making a big impact on the tourism sector is seen. There was no large-scale gathering, except for the International Film Festival, which is held in the state. After new year holidays there is a drop in february tourist visits there is no tourist visits.


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