Home CITY UPDATES Citizens can see Covid bed availability in real time: Sudhakar

Citizens can see Covid bed availability in real time: Sudhakar

Medical Education Minister Dr K Sudhakar addressing media on Friday. To his right is Health commissioner Pankaj Kumar Pandey.

20,000 antigen tests to be conducted daily in Bengaluru


Under the state government’s centralized allocation system, people will be able to view availability of Covid beds in hospitals in real time, according to Medical Education Minister Dr K Sudhakar.

Addressing a presser on Friday, the minister said a meeting had been held with private hospital managements on providing human resources and facilities for Covid treatment.

Dr Sudhakar said the government would start conducting 20,000 antigen tests in Bengaluru from Saturday, adding that an audit of Covid deaths would be undertaken so as to reduce the mortality rate.

‘Protect elders’

Citing a religious analogy, the minister said Shravana Kumara from Treta Yuga carried his blind and aged parents on his shoulders to fulfill their wish of going on a pilgrimage. Similarly, we need to protect our elders by ensuring that they stay at home.

‘Even elderly recover fast’

Senior pulmonologist Dr K.S.Satish appealed to people not to panic and follow precautionary measures like wearing masks, following social diatancing and washing hands with soap frequently. Dr Satish pointed out that even elderly patients are recovering from the virus in 7-10 days.


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