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Shivarajkumar, Upendra mark 25 years of ‘Om’ on social media


Duo is thinking of re-releasing blockbuster to oblige  fans


The landmark Sandalwood movie ‘Om’  marked its 25th  anniversary on Wednesday, and the actor-director team of Shivarajkumar and Upendra  reminisced about the film on social media. 

The first Kannada film that featured in the Limca  records for its multiple re-releases, ‘Om’ debuted on May 19, 1995. The movie starred Shivarajkumar and Prema, and the songs were a super hit and are even now played on radio  and television. 

Directed by Upendra, it was made on a budget of Rs 70 lakh. The movie was re-released around 650 times. In  2015,  ‘Om’ was re-released in 100 theatres.

The film revolves around rowdyism, and how a gangster quits his old ways.

Marking the milestone oun social media,  Shivarajkumar said, “All the success of the movie goes to fans and Upendra’s hard work. Uppi had showcased his acting talent while explaining to me each and every scene through enacting it.  No doubt, he is now a superstar because of his talent and hard work. ‘Om’ is evergreen and cannot be recreated again. The whole film fraternity of all languages spoke about our movie.” 

He added, “Me and Upendra will do another movie if we find a good story. I also asked Upendra to make a story on the  COVID-19 pandemic.”

Upendra thanked the Vajreshwari production house for encouraging a then-fresher like him. He said, “I should thank Shivanna for letting me touch his hair, as he never lets anyone do. Because of Varadhanna and Dr Rajkumar’s support and belief in me,  I could do whatever I wanted for the movie.”

He said they  plan to meet at Shivarajkumar’s place to watch the movie again with the entire crew. They are also thinking of re-releasing the movie on fans’ request after the lockdown ends.

Video courtsey: Dr Shiva Rajkumar’s Instagram


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