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Bengaluru Civic Chief Wants Rs 10-crore Work ‘pie’


But  govt tells him to get BBMP council’s nod


The executive-legislative tussle is on display again in BBMP as the municipal commissioner has initiated a move to supersede the powers of the elected council to okay development work worth Rs10 crore.


Interestingly, the commissioner, B.H. Anil Kumar, bypassed the council and sent his proposal directly to the  state government.  In response, the urban development department has directed the commissioner to take the concurrence of the council and resend his proposal to the government.

The current development began after the commissioner came to know that he has powers only to approve developmental work worth Rs 1 crore. The standing committees have approval powers between Rs 1-3 crore while the council has approval powers from Rs 3 crore  to Rs 10 crore. Any work above Rs 10 crore has to be okayed by the state government.

On November 13, 2019, the commissioner, without bringing the issue to the mayor’s or council’s notice, sent a proposal to the state government demanding powers of approval till  Rs 10 crore – in effect, snatching the powers of the 198 corporators of the civic body.

In a non-partisan response, the urban development department on January 8 did not give the nod to the commissioner’s proposal and directed him to seek the concurrence of the BBMP council.

Now, the commissioner will place his proposal before the council at its meeting on Saturday, March 7.

The commissioner wants the powers of tender scrutiny and approval worth Rs 10 crore for  work related to the grants issued under the ‘Chief Minister’s Nagarothana Scheme’ and work under BBMP grants. The proposal notes that the state government will keep the powers of tender scrutiny and approval of work more than Rs 10 crore.

The state budget for 2018-19 granted Rs 8,015.37 crore for civic work, which needs to be spent in the next three years. Sources told thebengalurulive that the council may turn down the commissioner’s proposal.


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