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A flip and a flop, CM’s night curfew is off!

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Yediyurappa has changed his position on curfew thrice in 3 days, causing all-round confusion and anger


Less than a day after announcing a statewide night curfew, and before it could even come into force, Chief Minister BS Yediyurappa has done yet another flip-flop by stating that there will not be any night curfew in Karnataka.

In the last three days, Yediyurappa has taken 3 decisions, all of which are the cause of confusion and criticism.


On December 22, he stated categorically that there was no need for a night curfew and that the government was not even considering such a step. Then, in a volte-face on Wednesday, December 23, he announced that ‘on the directions and advice’ of the technical advisory committee for Covid-19 a statewide night curfew would be imposed from 10 pm to 6 am. The same evening, when the guidelines were issued, he took another U-turn and revised the curfew timings from 11 pm to 5 am, to come into effect from the night of Thursday, December 24.

The night curfew diktat was criticized by all sections, including the opposition political parties, especially the Congress which questioned the rationale of the decision, asking whether the coronavirus would not spread during the night!

Several Kannada TV channels too telecast commentaries questioning whether the night curfew would curb the dreaded virus.

The final (hopefully!) twist in the curfew ‘tale’ came on Thursday evening, when the Chief Minister’s Office issued a note announcing that the yet-to-happen night curfew had been withdrawn.

The release quoted the CM as saying, “It was decided to implement the night curfew on the advice of experts to control the spread of the emergence of a new strand of coronavirus emanating from the United Kingdom and other countries.

“In view of the government’s decision to revisit the view that there is no need for a night curfew in the public sector, it is decided to withdraw the night curfew, which was also discussed with the cabinet colleagues and senior officials.

“The public is appealed to prevent the spread of the virus by following all norms, wearing a mask, maintaining social distance, avoiding unnecessary gatherings and strictly adhering to government-imposed Covid-control rules.”


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