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13 Commandments for prayers in mosque, dargah



The State Minorities Commission has issued precautionary guidelines for mosques and dargahs in advance of their reopening from June 8. 

The guidelines are as follows:


1. Everyone should come clean from home.

2. Use of tap water at the mosque premises instead of the common pool

3. Toilets should be kept clean

4. Inside the mosque, there should be only one way to enter and exit

5. Fumigation in the hall before prayer (disinfection by chemical gas spraying) is mandatory

6. Before entering a prayer hall body temperature testing is mandatory

7. At least 1-2 metres of social distance in the mosque is compulsory

8. The prayer should be completed in 10-15 minutes

9. Those who come to pray should bring their own Pprayer mat

10. Sunnat, nafil prayers should be done at home

11. Do not stand in the mosque premises and engage in conversation

12. Prohibition of begging in  mosque and dargah premises

13. Prohibition of bowing down on tombs


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