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Youth who hanged self wanted Siddaramaiah and Yash at funeral


Former CM attends last rites at Mandya village, actor tweets heartfelt condolences


In a peculiar epilogue to a suicide, a Mandya youth who hanged himself expressed a wish in his death note that former CM and Congress opposition leader Siddaramaiah and actor Yash attend his funeral.

The incident was reported from Kodi Doddi village in Mandya. Ramakrishna, 25, who was working at a petrol bunk, did not go for work on February 17. According to the police, he hanged himself when there was nobody at home. His death note named Rocking Star Yash and Siddaraamaiah, and read, “I am a true fan of you. I am seeking sorry from you. You need to come and attend my funeral … is my last wish.”

On learning of the incident, Siddaramaiah visited the village and attended the youth’s funeral, while Yash tweeted his condolences. The actor’s tweet in Kannada, at 12.26 pm on Thursday, reads,”Fan fan…Kodi Doddi Ramakrishna’s soul rest in peace…Om Shanti…”

It is learnt that Krishna’s father Chandru had also committed suicide 15 years ago.


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