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We approached court to prevent smear campaign: Sudhakar

Decision on night curfew taken on TAC's advice: Karnataka Health Minister
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Reacting to Jarkiholi resignation, Minister sees conspiracy to defame political opponents


Explaining the reason for 6 cabinet ministers, including himself, seeking a court injunction on ‘misinformation’ by the media, Health and Medical Education Minister Dr K Sudhakar said, “There seems to be a big political conspiracy to defame opponents by misusing the media. We have approached the court to prevent this hit-and-run smear campaign.” The Minister was speaking to media persons on Saturday, in the aftermath of Water Resources Minister Ramesh Jarkiholi’s resignation over an alleged sex tape.

“These kind of hit jobs tarnish the image of individuals and destroy the goodwill gained from years of good work. It is necessary to put an end to this kind of conspiracy. The government is also thinking of bringing a law to check this kind of mischief,” he said.

‘Misuse of media’

“It is not confined only to politicians. Celebrities from various walks of life are subjected to this kind of conspiracy. Both mainstream media and social media platforms are being misused to broadcast misinformation and fake news. If there is truth in such allegations, no one can be protected. The culprits must be punished. No one is above the law. But a smear campaign to tarnish someone’s image is not acceptable. Those who feel they are victimised can go to the courts and seek justice. But there is a new trend of hit-and-run allegations. This is unethical, immoral and illegal,” Dr Sudhakar said.

‘Russian’ video?

“In the recent case, it is being reported that videos have been uploaded from Russia and other countries. Isn’t it weird? There seems to be a deliberately planned conspiracy behind this. It is quite natural for those in public life to be cautious about their image and goodwill. Any defamatory content must be checked for its veracity. If found true, I have no objection to it being broadcast 24 hours,” the Minister said.

Dr Sudhakar said the only reason (for the 6 ministers) to move the court for an injunction was to prevent any attempt at defamation. “The victims have not come forward to lodge complaint or approached the courts for justice. There must be a thorough investigation in the case,” he added.


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