Home HEALTH Siddaramaiah forgets his insulin, has health scare

Siddaramaiah forgets his insulin, has health scare


Former CM waited an hour at Belagavi airport for medication to arrive


Opposition leader and former CM Siddaramaiah, a diabetic, faced a health scare when he forgot to take along his insulin while travelling. Siddaramaiah was en route to Badami but had to wait for almost an hour at the Belagavi airport on Monday morning for the medication to arrive.

There were further niggles when those accompanying him brought the insulin but forgot to bring a syringe.

A source said the former CM noticed the absence of his medication after he had finished his breakfast at the airport. “A Congress worker who saw the situation brought insulin from Belagavi city. But Siddaramaiah refused to take it as it was different from his usual medication,” the source said.

Congress leader Ashoka Pattan saved the day by sending an aide to procure the insulin. After taking it, Siddaramaiah proceeded to Bagalkot district.


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