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Sackcloth for today’s ‘Covidiots’!


Koppal cops make them wear comical PPEs for breaking rules


With people continuing to step out for ‘non-essential’ reasons amidst the Covid-19 lockdown, police across the state have come up with unique ways to highlight the importance of staying at home.


The Koppal police department has come up with an offbeat ‘punishment’ for these rule-flouting  ‘Covidiots’ —  a PPE kit in the guise of a suit of sackcloth! (Interestingly, sackcloth-and-ashes was a common form of punishment/repentance for people in Europe in the Middle Ages.) 

The sackcloth suits may have looked ridiculous, but they were ‘functional PPE kits’ with masks and gloves.

Other forms of ‘punishment’ resorted to by the Karnataka police have included making ‘Covidiots’ do sit-ups near a traffic signal, conduct ‘poojas’ and such like,  evoking both laughter and appreciation for the officials.


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