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Rains hit supplies, veggie prices up



The recent heavy rains have reduced vegetable supplies to the markets and have resulted in vegetable prices skyrocketing.

Since Saturday, the prices of carrots, beans, potatoes, tomatoes and cabbage have gone up by Rs. 5-10 on an average in the Dasanapura wholesale market.


‘Vegetable crops were damaged by torrential rains in the state last week. This has resulted in lower supply and higher prices,” said Kumar, a vegetable and grocery wholesaler in Dasanapura. ‘Last week, beans were Rs 40 per kg, and are now Rs 60. Carrots were Rs 30 per kg and are now Rs 70,” he said.

Greens cheaper

However, spinach prices have fallen. Coriander, which sold for Rs 30 a bundle, has now fallen to Rs 12. A dealer said prices of fenugreek, palak, sabhakki and dal greens are under Rs 10.


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