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Passionate teens power drive for oximeters for the poor

Sneha Raghavan and Shloka Ashok: Girl power in a time of Covid crisis

Greenwood students Sneha and Shloka’s fundraiser netted Rs 2 lakh in just 24 hours; they will hand over 200 oximeters to city NGO Sampark for distribution  


With the second wave of Covid-19 threatening Indian lives and livelihoods even more than its earlier avatar, the poorer sections are back to being the most vulnerable in terms of health and resources at this juncture. And just like earlier, when amidst all the gloom and doom we heard heart-warming stories of individuals, including children, doing their selfless bit to help the vulnerable sections, this time two spirited teenagers from Bengaluru are determined to contribute their mite in whatever way they can.  

Meet Sneha Raghavan and Shloka Ashok, tenth-graders in Greenwood High School who reside in Sarjapur on the outskirts of the city. The duo are fronting a project that aims to provide a total of 200 oximeters to people residing in slums.  

Anupama Parekh, a passionate social worker, approached them with the idea and the two teens jumped at the chance to get involved in the project. Sneha and Shloka began by reaching out to various oximeter manufacturers to settle on the most economical deal. Next, the girls designed posters and created a fundraiser page on the GiveIndia website, which endorsed the project and helped with the financial aspect.   

Overwhelming response

As the fundraiser went live, the girls reached out to their contacts requesting them to donate towards the noble cause. The response was overwhelming, and they were able to raise Rs 2 lakh within 24 hours.

Once the pulse oximeters are acquired, the duo will hand over the items to an NGO named Sampark. The Bengaluru-based NGO, which works with some of the most vulnerable groups, will distribute the oximeters across labour colonies in Bengaluru and among rural women in villages across Koppal, a city in North Karnataka.  

Dil maange more!

Shloka and Sneha are grateful to their adult mentors and all the donors who contributed to their fundraiser. Reflecting the optimism and passion of youth, they hope to be involved in more such socially beneficial projects in the future.  The girls have a simple and refreshing approach to the current dire situation. As they see it, “If each of us steps up to do our bit to help our fellow-Indians, we can tackle this massive crisis more effectively.” Way to go, girls! 


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