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MLA’s sleepover for a good cause


Muddebihal rep waits all night at checkpost for Goa returnees


This is one politician who has practised what others of his ilk love to preach. Muddebihal’s BJP MLA AS Patil Nadahalli showed his concern for his constituents when he waited all night near the Chorla-Khanapur checkpost for workers from Muddebihal to cross over from Goa on Saturday.

His act of rare and genuine concern has won him praise among his own voters as well as the general public.

Migrant workers from Muddebihal had been stranded in Goa following the nationwide lockdown. Alive to their plight, the MLA along with officials camped near the Goa border to welcome the returning workers in buses arranged for them.

Around  350 workers crossed over on Sunday morning, and were screened and quarantined.


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