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Mix mask with litter, pay hefty fine



Citizens have been warned of fines if they mix used face masks along with other house waste.

D Randeep, BBMP special commissioner (SWM), said that if masks are mixed with garbage, people will be penalized. Masks should  be treated separately as sanitary waste,  just like wet waste and dry waste. Mixing masks with household trash will entail a fine of Rs 500 for the first time. “If caught a second time, they will be fined Rs 1,000 to Rs 2,000 and the waste will not be collected from that house,” he added.

This step has been taken as the sorting of waste during the coronavirus  crisis has become a challenge.

Masks cannot be recycled and must be burnt, Randeep pointed out, adding that currently the city produces an average of 3,100 tonnes of garbage a day.

He noted that two masks and a sanitizer are provided free of cost to BBMP poura karmikas.


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