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Minister warns of strict action against animal traffickers



Animal Husbandry Minister Prabhu Chauhan informed the first governing body meeting of the Animal Welfare Board that strict action will be taken against unauthorized animal traffickers in the state and animal welfare laws will be tightened.

The Karnataka Animal Welfare Board was set up on an order by the Supreme Court, and its first governing body meeting was held in Vikasa Soudha on Thursday.

The minister said the Board currently has 85.22 lakh cows, 29.98 lakh buffaloes, 110.91 lakh sheep, 61.96 lakh goats, 3.26 lakh pigs and 617 lakh poultry registered with it. There are 4,214 veterinary institutions associated with it.

The main functions of the board are:

— To advise the government from time to time on issues related to animal welfare and to take action.

— Accreditation and coordination of livestock societies / organizations established in the state for the protection of livestock and birds.

— Encouraging construction of sheds and water tanks for animals.

— Educate the public to treat animals with kindness.

— Guarding against  trafficking in animals, taking measures to prevent unnecessary pain or distress to  animals.

In all districts,  the District Chairperson is the President of the District Animal Welfare Society and the Deputy Director of the Animal Husbandry Department is the Member Secretary.

The Secretary to the Department of Animal Husbandry, Capt. P Manivannan, Commissioner Natesh, M.T. Manjunath and members of the board were present at the meeting.


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