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Karnataka Forest department to introduce ‘time ticket for vehicles entering Nagarahole National Park



Following increase in the number of wild animals death in Nagarahole National Park and Tiger Reserve Range, with the gradual spurt in vehicle density post COVID-19-induced lockdown relaxations, the Forest Department officials have re-introduced ‘Time Ticket’ that aims to restrict vehicle movement on roads coming under the range.

As the Forest Department staff on patrol duty have often caught inebriated visitors creating nuisance and indulging in illegal activities inside the jungles, the Department has introduced the ‘Time ticket’.

Accordingly, all the vehicles arriving at Nanachi check-post, from where three exit routes to Veeranahosahalli, Karmodu and Kallottu set off, will be issued ‘Time Ticket’ according to which the vehicles have to cross the exit point, which is 30 kms away, within one hour of entry time. The ‘Time Ticket,’ which is issued free of cost, has the name of the vehicle driver, the Registration Number of the vehicle and both the entry and the exit time, mentioned on it. The vehicle drivers after being issued the ticket, will have to cross the exit point (30 kms distance) within the exit time (one hour) mentioned on the ticket.

Even a delay of a couple of minutes, will attract heavy fines, with drivers having to shell out Rs 1,000 for the first hour of delay after the exit time, Rs 2,000 for the second hour and so on. The ‘Time Ticket’ system aims to curb visitors from indulging in activities that disturb wildlife and also for safeguarding forest wealth.

Nagarahole Range Forest Officer (RFO) Amith said that the ‘Time Ticket’ system was first introduced at Nagarahole check-post in 2017. The system was introduced after many animals died of being hit by speeding vehicles, especially during the night, thus endangering wildlife. Now, the system is being implemented in a stricter manner in the post-lockdown period, with 11 wild animals losing their life in Anechowkur forest range and eight in Hunsur forest range in the past couple of weeks.

Noting that vehicle density has increased in recent days, which has endangered wildlife, he said that the system is being implemented based on a Supreme Court ruling. While the ‘Time Ticket’ bears the vehicle details on one side, the other side of it mentions the DOs and DON’Ts for travellers while passing through the forest range, he added. (Agency)


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