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Eid to be observed with Covid precautions


Congregations, loudspeakers banned; 6-foot distance & masks mandatory


With the Covid pandemic showing no signs of letting up in the state, the Karnataka State Board of Wakfs has issued precautionary guidelines for Muslims in advance of Eid Milad celebrations across the state on October 30.

Wakf Board official Razia Sultana said the Muslim community should observe the fest in strict conformity with the Covid-19 protocols of the state government.

Accordingly, the following rules are to be strictly observed:

• Mass processions of any kind are forbidden

• Day/night discourses or cultural gatherings of any kind in mohallas are strictly prohibited

• Physical distancing of 6 feet and Covid-19 etiquette are to be maintained in mosques and dargahs

• The use of loudspeakers/digital sound systems in public areas is prohibited

• Masks are mandatory for everyone

• Senior citizens over the age of 60 and children under the age of 10 should celebrate the feast at home

• Hand washing with sanitizer/soap at the entrance of mosques/dargahs is mandatory


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