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Don’t host Padarayanapua residents: Mosque



“If you want to stay safe in your home and locality, don’t allow or entertain any resident from Padarayanapura in your locality.” 

This is the gist of an announcement made from a mosque at Gangondanahalli near Chandra Layout. The announcement further says  that if such persons are staying in the locality, they should be asked to go back.


The announcement has been made since Tuesday during prayer time. Mujahid Aamiri said, “We are making announcements during prayer time, asking people to practise social distancing and not allow any individual who is a resident of Padarayanapura in our locality.”

“We have already warned residents that if they don’t support the cops and the administration, who are fighting to prevent the spread of the coronavirus, and if we come to know that some resident (of Padarayanapura) is hiding in our locality, we will inform the authorities,” he added.

Listen to the appeal made via loudspeaker from a mosque in Gangondanahalli…


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