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Bengalureans, open your hearts to Bannerghatta zoo animals!


Bannerghatta Biological Park appeals to Bengalureans to sponsor feed of the zoo’s 2,388 residents  


Come on, Bengalureans! Show us your big heart — Covid or no Covid — and loosen your purse-strings at this crucial juncture when the need of the hour is to feed the animals of  Bannerghatta Biological Park!

Nearly 2,388 animals belonging to 102 species are eagerly awaiting a helping hand from Bengalurueans as BBP faces a cash crunch as a result of the current pandemic-related loss of revenues. Bannerghatta Biological Park officials are making this appeal to Bengalureans for the second time in 48 days.

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The BBP has 4 different units — Zoo, Safari, Butterfly Park and Rescue Centre — within an area of 731.88 hectares.  

The zoo was hitherto self-sustaining organisation run mostly on gate revenue and had even  adopted a few mini-zoos in Karnataka. However, the Covid-19 pandemic has been a disaster for the zoo, with footfalls and revenue falling drastically. In spite of this, BBP continues to look after the 2,388 individual animals to the best of its ability. The zoo has requested citizens and organisations to  adopt animals by contributing towards the partial cost of their feed and veterinary care.

Name the babes! 

BBP also provides an opportunity to adopt and name young ones. Some of the young ones available for adoption and naming are:

1) Lioness Sania’s 1 male and 3 female cubs born on 3rd April, 2021
2) Zebra Kaveri’s female foal born on 27th September, 2020
3) Hippopotamus Dashya’s male calf born on 27th July, 2020
4) Spectacled Langur Reshmi’s female infant born on 16th March, 2020
5) Hanuman Langur Adithi’s infant born on 22nd February, 2020
6) Grey Wolf Akira’s two male pups born on 3rd February, 2020

One-day feeding costs 

Citizens can also contribute towards a one-day feeding cost for some of our zoo residents. The daily feeding cost for some of the animals is as follows:


Species Approximate daily feeding cost per animal Total number of animals Total feeding cost/day 
Asian Elephant 3,000/- 25 75,000/- 
Royal Bengal Tiger  1,500/- 20 30,000/- 
Lion 1,500/- 23 34,500/- 
Leopard 500/- 42 21,000/- 
Giraffe 1000/- 2,000/- 
Zebra 750/- 3,000/- 
Hyena 500/- 1,500/- 
Wolf 500/- 13 6,500/- 
Jackal 400/- 11 4,400/- 
Wild Dog 400/- 1,600/- 
Hippopotamus 1200/ 9,600/- 
Sloth  Bear 600/- 1,800/- 
Himalayan Black Bear 600/- 3,600/- 
Deer species housed in the zoo   120 5,000/- 
Herbivores in herbivore safari    1250 70,000/- 
Average one-day feeding cost 2,69,500/- 

Where to donate 

Donations can be made through NEFT/RTGS to the following account:
Account Number: 89470100014031
IFSC code: BARB0VJBGHA (5th digit is zero)
Account name:  Member Secretary & Chief Conservator of Forests,
Zoo Authority of Karnataka,
Bank of Baroda, Bannerghatta Branch

Interested adopters can log on to https://bannerghattabiologicalpark.org  for further details and enquires can be sent to educationbbp@gmail.com.

Tax rebate 

Upon receipt of the donor details,a  certificate and a receipt to acknowledge their contribution will be issued. There is a provision for IT rebate under 80G for animal adoption/donation. Exemptions u/s 80G (5) (iv) of Income Tax Act, 1961 is granted to Zoo Authority of Karnataka which is valid from AY 2011-12 and onwards vide Commissioner of Income Tax, Mysore letter No. 2-1/80G/CIT/ Mys/2010-11. 


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