Home CITY UPDATES Bengalureans not honouring spirit of relaxations:CM

Bengalureans not honouring spirit of relaxations:CM


BSY links ‘casual’ approach to spike in infections


Chief Minister BS Yediyurappa has expressed concern over the surge in coronavirus cases in the state capital as well as dismay that many Bengalureans have ‘misused’ the recent relaxations in the Covid-related guidelines.


He was alluding to the casual approach of many residents of the city to their obligations like wearing masks and observing social distancing.

At a review meeting on Monday with senior officials at his home office ‘Krishna’, the CM noted that Covid-19 infections, particularly in Bengaluru, had increased after the lockdown had ended in the first week of June.

“It is very painful and shocking to see that people have misused the relaxations, which is the reason for the current increase in Covid cases,” he is reported to have said.

What was adding to the state’s woes, the CM noted, was “a large increase in infections coming along with inter-state travellers.”



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