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BBMP chief’s ‘Sorry’ is all that kin get after Covid patient died waiting for ambulance



Will a mere ‘sorry’, however well-meant, bring back a living, breathing human being who lost his life due to the inexcusable delay in sending an ambulance to ferry him to a hospital?

More than anyone else, BBMP Commissioner BH Anil Kumar should be pondering this deeply moral issue, considering that before his apology to the family of the Covid-positive person he had disingenuously made out that the body had been taken to a mortuary, despite live visuals to the contrary.

The man and his wife had waited hours on end for an ambulance before he collapsed on the road on Friday evening.

Picture credit: TV9 Kannada

“I regret the incident that happened on Friday and on behalf of my officers I am extremely sorry for what happened,” a press release issued by the BBMP PRO quoted the Commissioner as saying after his visit to the deceased’s family on Saturday afternoon.

BBMP has identified the man as Hanumant Raju, a resident of Gavipuram in Hanumanth Nagar, South Bengaluru.

On Friday night, the civic chief was caught ‘economising with the truth’ on live television when he claimed that the Covid-infected man’s body was shifted to the mortuary, even as live visuals showed the body still lying on the footpath.



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