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Women-powered City Police!



It is a rare moment in the history of the Bangalore City Police that as many as 8 women officers presently occupy the post of DCP (Deputy Commissioner of Police), out of 20 such posts.

In a fact sheet, the Bangalore City Police has said: “Such a favourable proportion of women’s representation is unprecedented among the Indian police and, in fact, even among metropolitan police across the world.

“By highlighting this fact, we at Bangalore City Police wish to reach out to all the women in the country, especially young girls, to convey to them that they need place no limits on their dreams… Anything is possible for them to achieve.

“At the same time, we also wish to send across a message to Indian society at large that so much more might be possible for women and girls if the glass ceiling were shattered, as it should be!

“If women were free to achieve their fullest potential in life, unobstructed, imagine where this would take India and the world.

“We at BCP pledge to support the UN Women’s campaign #EachforEqual to push for a gender equal world, as “an equal world is an enabled world”.”

The women officers in the group photograph are: Dr. Rohini Katoch Sepat (IPS), DCP South; Isha Pant (IPS), DCP Command Centre; Ilakkiya Karunagaran (IPS), DCP VVIP Security; Divya Sarah Thomas (IPS), DCP CAR HQ; Dr Soumyalata (IPS), DCP Traffic West; Sarah Fathima (KSPS), DCP Traffic North; Dr. M. Ashwini (IPS), DCP Intelligence; Nisha James (IPS), DCP Admin; Kavitha M.C., ACP Traffic & Planning; Tabarak Fathima, ACP Pulakeshinagar.

The BCP plans similar shoots with all women inspectors at the CoP office, all women PSIs at the division level and women ASIs and PCs at the police station level.


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