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The Diamond you’re wearing could be fake!

Polished-Diamond pic source international gemological institute website
Pic Source: International Gemological Institute https://www.igi.org/


Diamonds are forever, but do you really know if you are wearing a real one? It is possible that the certificate of genuineness issued to diamond jewelry in the name of reputed gemology institutes and agencies are fake!


A scam in which fake certificates of genuineness were issued to customers on diamond jewelry has come to light in Bengaluru and Mangaluru. For a hefty amount, two women in Mangaluru were allegedly issuing certificates about the quality of diamonds in the name of a reputed agency situated on Residency Road in Bengaluru.

The Ashok Nagar police in Bengaluru are investigating the case and have booked Prathika Rai Bellya and Harini Shetty for the alleged crime of Forgery, creating false documents and cheating among others.

The branch manager of International Gemological Institute’s Residency Road branch, Shamik Jhaveri field a complaint with the Ashok Nagar police on March 4, 2022 after finding two certificates issued in the name of the Institute by the two women.


They had apparently collected Rs.30,000 each from two persons to issue the certificates. The people who had obtained the certificates checked with the Institute whether the certificates were genuine. This is when the scam came to light.

The XXVI Additional City Civil and Sessions Judge before whom the case came up rejected the bail to Prathika Rai and Harini Shetty. However on May 5 this month, the Karnataka High Court granted them anticipatory bail.

The investigation in the case continues and police are searching for the possibility of more such instances where fake certificates were issued. They are also not ruling out the possibility of the involvement of other persons.

For all those who own diamonds and diamond jewelry, it is not enough to check the shine on them. You may also need to check if the certificates that came along with them are real.



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