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Super Cops Of Karnataka Who Brought Fugitive Gangster To Bengaluru


Bengaluru: The additional director general of police (ADGP) Amar Kumar Pandey and Bengaluru city joint police commissioner Sandeep Patil played vital role in bringing back Mumbai underworld don and fugitive gangster Ravi Pujari back to his home state.

In a packed press conference addressed on Monday, Pandey said that other investigation agencies will also be allowed to conduct inquires once Karnataka police completes it’s investigation in several cases and files chargesheets against Pujari.

Pandey said: “It gives me great satisfaction, as I was entrusted with this assignment and I have complete it.”


The ADGP said that Pujari was missing since 1994 and was untraced and was also involved in few sensational murders in Mumbai. Later he escaped to Nepal, then went to Bangkok, then from there to Uganda and then Burkina Faso and then Senegal and now we have brought back him to India.

Pandey added: “Pujari’s story of passport is that after going to Nepal he got a fake Indian passport which displayed his native as Mysuru. He traveled to all other countries with this passport. In Burkina Faso he acquired a local passport and was a very influential person there. In Senegal he was carrying the Burkina Faso passport which goes with the name Anthony Fernandes.”


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