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Music Director Arjun Janya suffers Heart Attack



Magical Music Composer Arjun Janya, 39, was admitted to hospital after he suffered a heart attack. He has composed music for several hit movies in Sandalwood, has been hospitalized and kept under observation.

Currently, Arjun Janya is one of the busiest music director of Sandalwood working for big budget and big star movies. Now he is working on the film ‘Roberrt’ starring Challenging Star Darshan. It is said that he was working under pressure for this film. This pressure had caused him a pain in his chest and was taken to hospital on time.


Doctor Adithya Udupa, speaking to media said, “He was rushed to hospital without wastintany time. Little late would have been problematic. We did check whether his family has any heriditary history. Nothing such was found. But due to work stress he suffered from a heart attack.”

A press release was shared regarding the incident. The document has been accessed and posted on thebengalurulive for the readers.


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