Home CITY UPDATES Morbid milestones: 104 deaths statewide, 70 in Bengaluru

Morbid milestones: 104 deaths statewide, 70 in Bengaluru


Mortality rate increases in just 2 days to 2.0% for Bengaluru, 2.01% for state

Karnataka caseload crosses 50K, Bengaluru sees single-day high of 2,344 cases


For the first time in 128 days, ever since Karnataka witnessed its first Covid-positive case, the state reported over a hundred deaths in a single day.

As per Medical Education Minister Dr K Sudhakar, the state reported 104 deaths on Thursday, of which Bengaluru accounted for 70. This takes both Bengaluru’s and Karnataka’s mortality rate to more than 2%.

Thus, the mortality rate both in Bengaluru and the state has increased drastically in just two days. (Read: https://thebengalurulive.com/shocker-within-a-week-tech-citys-mortality-rate-has-zoomed-to-1-63-and-states-to-1-82/). On July 14, the mortality rates for Bengaluru and the state were 1.63 % and 1.82% respectively, which have now zoomed to 2.0% for Bengaluru and 2.01% for Karnataka.

Positive cases in the state have crossed the grim 50,000 milestone with total infections of 51,422, of which 30,655 are active cases. For Bengaluru, active cases are now 18,828, while a record single-day count of 2,344 fresh cases was reported on Thursday.


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